Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Missed the course - what to do?



Im very interested in your beginner's running course as I really can't run at all without getting severly out of breath, but would like to learn. I hear that your course has finished and was wondering if there will be another one??? I dont want to wait till next year, my enthusiasm may have run out!


Sorry we do not have another beginners class scheduled til next spring, however I do have a few suggestions which should help you get into running starting today :-)

If you are a non runner, its quite usual to find yourself out of breath after a little exercise, however a gentle progressive programme which introduces a mix of gentle jogging and walking can help you build up your stamina until you can run continuously without a break.

The secret is to ensure that you initially exercise alternate days three days a week with activities such as walking or fitness classes as optional extras on the other days ( the frequency and intensity depending on your base level of fitness)

Although we have finished our beginners course 'til next year, we do have some beginners who are taking things slowly but continues to run with us on a Monday
when for the next few weeks we are running at 18.15 for 45 minutes.

These sessions start outside the Cowherds on Southampton Common and run until late September 09, after that we will always run from the Cowherds on the first Monday of the Month, any beginners/returners have a known date when they can meet club members.

You can also come along and chat with the coaches before we go our for our regular club runs on a Wednesday leaving from Southampton Solent. Check out details on our Southampton Running Sisters web site

If you turned up at that time, you could introduce yourself to us, and see if you could include running with us one day a week with two sessions on your own each week.

You can look at our beginners blog for some information, that includes some schedules to get you running from a standing start. Check out our training blog to check out our current training programme venues

When you are more advanced you could follow a 16 week worldwide festival of races couch to 5k programme.

Hope this is helpful. My advice is that running three times a week for six to eight weeks will make a significant difference to your fitness level. We all have to run alone for some time, see how you progress and then talk to me or one of the other coaches again :-)


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