Thursday, 4 February 2016

My running year 34

I am a longtime member of running sisters and today too much work meant my only running was leading a group on new runners for their third week, doing very gentle intervals

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

SRS Intro 0

Want to join the club as an established or wanna be runner? 

We regularly run beginners' courses through the year. We take you from couch to 5k over 10 weeks and encourage you to run a graduating 5k race to celebrate.  

See for details 

SRS Beginners - reviving the site

The site has been quiet for a few years. Over the next few weeks I will be adding a few numbered posts designed to slot in with weekly progress. 
Since we are currently on week 3 that is where I will start, back filling as things progress 

Monday, 18 March 2013

Signed up? Itchy feet? here's something til April 10th

Often before the course begins runners are itching to get on their training shoes and head out for a few miles.  If that is the case with you, please do make sure you have visited a specialist running shop before you buy any running shoes. They will be able to measure you and advise you on the types of shoes most suitable for your foot type. 

You are usually advised to get shoes fitted in the afternoon since that is when your feet are a little larger - but do arrive at least an hour before the shop closes, you may find there are other people also wanting to be fitted and there is a bit of a queue. In Southampton centre you can visit Sweatshop, and there are also specialist shops in Eastleigh and Chandlers Ford. 

During the course we usually have a presentation on running shoes from Alexandra Sports - who are based near the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth. Although it is a long way to go, they are particularly helpful in fitting and choosing shoes, and you may find a visit worthwhile. However, your club membership card will entitle you to 10% discount from most local running shops, so you may want to hold on a while.  

If it is more a case of getting a little fitter from a standing start, then just adding daily walking into your routine may be a helpful start. That could be as simple as an extra half hour at the start and finish of the day, or walking for a journey you might otherwise use the car or take the bus.  

As far as turning up on the first day in concerned, then comfortable sports shoes and loose clothing suitable for exercise should be enough to start with, plan on wearing a T Shirt with 3/4 length bottoms for exercise and having something warmer to wear before and afterwards. A big mistake with new runners is to go out in too many clothes. However if you are feeling self conscious, a baggy T shirt and light jogging bottoms can be enough - be warned that cotton can quickly become clammy and uncomfortable!  Think about key pockets, or something for carrying your phone if you feel that is necessary.  

One thing you might like to buy yourself a sports bra. John Lewis carry a good range, and are helpful in that you can get your bra fitted - which may be a good idea. Alternatively you can buy bras from sports shops or online, that is really a personal decision which you need to make. Some ladies who need larger sizes choose to wear two bras including a sports bra, it really depends on you working out what is best for your own circumstances.  

I think I have covered the basics here. You can find detailed information about the location, dates and enrolment in other posts. If you do have friends who are interested, or can advertise the event to others, please feel free to copy the basic information and circulate it electronically. 

looking forward to meeting you on April 10th 

Su White, Southampton Running Sisters.

Enrol online for the 2013 beginners and improvers course

Although you can fill in a paper form for Running Sisters 2013, this year we also have an online enrolment form. It means we collect the information directly from you, and it saves Lynne, our membership secretary, a little bit of admin work :-)

You can sign up right now by clicking here 

Joining running sisters can be an excellent way to help you train for a race like your first 5k (maybe race for life) or one of our high profile and popular local races, such as the Great South.

There will be lots of chances to meet and make new friends while you are  training, but if you want to come along with a few of your exisiting friends, why not encourage them to sign up. The easy to remember link for the online enrolment is

Running Sisters Beginners and Improvers Course April 10th 2013

Southampton Running Sisters are once again offering places on their popular annual beginners running course.  The timing is just right to get some support for running this year’s Race for Life , and it could equally be just the boost you need for a springtime fitness programme in advance of a summer holiday.

There is an varied programme of guest speakers to accompany a carefully crafted schedule of gentle training runs designed to help get you fit enough to complete a 5k fun run at the end of the course. Its a chance for runners to get to know the club and for absolute beginners to get into the running
habit - so much cheaper than gym membership!

Its all good fun, and this is the 23rd year that the course has been held and the 21st as the Southampton Running Sisters. There are experienced coaches plus plenty of already established runners from Running Sisters on hand to help get you up to speed. This year the course is based at Southampton Solent University in central Southampton and the training runs will mostly take place around the city parks and Southampton Common.

"We have new runners of all ages, shapes and sizes join our course". says Su White, course co-ordinator, who is also one of the coaches. "Our approach is really practical, giving down to earth advice and providing support from other runners who were themselves beginners a few year's ago.  The sessions consist of a briefing, then a practical session and finally a talk from a guest speaker. Our speakers cover topics like stretching, massage and physiotherapy, women's health, safe running, and advice of diet, clothing and footwear.  There is a fun run and celebratory supper at the end of the course, and miraculously we usually manage to get the weather to keep fine as well, if only between 7 and 8.30pm!”

The programme runs for 15 weeks from Wednesday 10th April to 17th July. There are a mix of specific training activities and  practice runs scheduled.  We meet at Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, SO14 0YN.  Turn up at 18.45 for sessions which start at 19.00 and run 'til 20.30 and are a combination of practical instruction and advice. Open to all (over 18), apply right now:-). Places fill quickly, so early registration is encouraged, but a waiting list will also operate. 

For more information we have a club website at or telephone our membership secretary Lynne Newson 023 8049 6813

Sunday, 13 May 2012

We will have to spend a bit of time on the first meeting on admin but we will also find time for a short gentle jog which will help you establish your personal targets for the course.

Please turn up in loose fitting clothing, suitable for a gentle jog
There is no need to buy special clothes or footwear at this stage, as long as you have some form of leisure/jogging/sports clothing and a pair of trainers

On the first day you can expect to:

* complete you registration and collect your membership card

* collect our information pack which contains course details and running advice

* get to know other beginners on our course

* have a chance to chat with existing running sisters 

* have time to think about your personal running targets

* take part in a Q&A session to answer any special questions you may have

* come with us for a short run