Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Missed the course - what to do?



Im very interested in your beginner's running course as I really can't run at all without getting severly out of breath, but would like to learn. I hear that your course has finished and was wondering if there will be another one??? I dont want to wait till next year, my enthusiasm may have run out!


Sorry we do not have another beginners class scheduled til next spring, however I do have a few suggestions which should help you get into running starting today :-)

If you are a non runner, its quite usual to find yourself out of breath after a little exercise, however a gentle progressive programme which introduces a mix of gentle jogging and walking can help you build up your stamina until you can run continuously without a break.

The secret is to ensure that you initially exercise alternate days three days a week with activities such as walking or fitness classes as optional extras on the other days ( the frequency and intensity depending on your base level of fitness)

Although we have finished our beginners course 'til next year, we do have some beginners who are taking things slowly but continues to run with us on a Monday
when for the next few weeks we are running at 18.15 for 45 minutes.

These sessions start outside the Cowherds on Southampton Common and run until late September 09, after that we will always run from the Cowherds on the first Monday of the Month, any beginners/returners have a known date when they can meet club members.

You can also come along and chat with the coaches before we go our for our regular club runs on a Wednesday leaving from Southampton Solent. Check out details on our Southampton Running Sisters web site

If you turned up at that time, you could introduce yourself to us, and see if you could include running with us one day a week with two sessions on your own each week.

You can look at our beginners blog for some information, that includes some schedules to get you running from a standing start. Check out our training blog to check out our current training programme venues

When you are more advanced you could follow a 16 week worldwide festival of races couch to 5k programme.

Hope this is helpful. My advice is that running three times a week for six to eight weeks will make a significant difference to your fitness level. We all have to run alone for some time, see how you progress and then talk to me or one of the other coaches again :-)


Application Form - new members only

this is an application form for a normal membership. It does not include the cost of the beginners course. When we have the details confirmed a new form will be posted

You can mail us to ask for a PDF or word format application form, but if you want to get started straight away you can copy the form below into a word processor and send your application off right away.

Please note we can currently only accept cash or cheques with applications.

Southampton Running Sisters Application Form



Post Code:

Telephone (daytime):

Telephone (evenings):

Email (please write clearly):

Emergency Contact – Name:

Emergency Contact – Telephone:

Please tick appropriate boxes below:

What is your running experience?

Complete beginner □ Some experience □

Have you ever belonged to another running club?

Are you currently a member of another running club?

If so please name it here

Medical information:

Please write down ANY medical condition Southampton Running Sisters should be aware of e.g.
back/knee injuries, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma

Your date of birth
Note: Southampton Running Sisters is a club for those over 18 years of age only - we also need this information for age classification in any competitions you participate in

I wish to join Southampton Running Sisters

SIGNED……………………………………… Date……………

Please return the completed form by
post with payment enclosed to:

Tina Dempster, Membership Secretary
15 York Close,
Horton Heath,
SO50 7PX

annual membership £15

annual membership(concessions) £10

Fee includes affiliation to UK Athletics.

Note: Membership is due for renewal on
1st January each year

*cheques (payable to Southampton Running Sisters) or Postal Order only – no cash by mail

Please enclose a stamped self addressed envelope for acknowledgment if you have no email.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Beginning Running?

Welcome to Southampton Running Sisters Beginners Blog


We only do one beginners course per year, but if you are able to follow our basic running programme for a few weeks, you should get yourself up to a level where you can come along and join our regular club.

We have running groups at a range of speeds/levels, and there is usually a comfy group which you can join in. All we ask before you come along to one of our regular club nights (Wednesday see our web site) is that you are able to run/jog for about 40 minutes without a break. The programmes below, are designed to get you to that level, although you will need to make sure that you get your trainers on and head out for a run at least three times each week.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Running Schedules

Take a look at the different running schedules we have assembled. There are three to choose from selected from the tabs at the bottom.
A 5 minute jog/walk
A 5 minute run/jog
An 8 minute run/jog
Choose the one which best describes the comfortable limit of what you can manage
You can use this sort of programme to get yourself into running, or to prepare yourself for a competition like the race for life

SRS Beginners Application Form 2009

Application Form Beginners 2009


Post Code:
Telephone: (daytime) Telephone: (evenings)
Emergency Contact - Name: Telephone:
Have you ever belonged to another running club?
Are you currently a member of another running club?
If so please name it here
What is your running experience?
Beginner ___ Some experience ___ Active in another sport ___
Medical information: Please write down ANY medical condition Southampton Running Sisters should be aware of e.g. back/knee injuries, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma
......................................................................................................... Your date of birth.....................
I WILL NOT HOLD Southampton Running Sisters liable for any injury I might sustain. I undertake that I am enrolling on this course in good health at my own risk.
I understand that the course will be assisted by qualified coaches and helped by other Running Sisters.
SIGNED............................................. Date...............
Please return the completed form by post (fee enclosed) to:
Tina Dempster, Membership Secretary,
15 York Close, Horton Heath, Eastleigh SO50 7PX
I wish to enrol on the Running Sisters Beginners' Course
I enclose an advanced registration fee of £30 full fee/£25 concessionary fee*
* cheques (payable to Southampton Running Sisters)
or Postal Order only - no cash by mail,
Please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope for acknowledgment if you do not have email.
NB: registration on the first day £35
Receipts will be available at registration

SRS Beginners 09 from Mon 20th April 18.45

Southampton Running Sisters will be holding our annual beginners' course on Mondays for eight weeks starting 20th April 2009, to be held at Taunton's College in Shirley. Places go quickly, so we advise you to be prompt in sending in your application.

Normal sessions start with 18.45 arrival for 19.00 group briefing and start. If you wish to enrol please complete and mail a copy of the application form to our membership secretary Tina Dempster (, to reserve your place.

The eight week programme is a practical introduction to running accompanied by a programme of talks on relevant topics from guest speakers.

Please turn up for the first session in loose fitting, light clothing (suitable for gently exercise). We recommend that you wait 'til you had some advice from our coaches and guest speakers before you buy any new clothes or trainers, but if you do feel you need to get some kit, please make sure you get it from a specialist running shop where you can discuss your running needs, rather than an anonymous high street store. This is especially important for running shoes.

For further details about our club see our web site http:/ and our training blog
We often find people are keen to start running before they begin the course, so if you are trying to get your fitness levels up and want to go out jogging for the first time our advice is to follow the simple programme shown below:

FIRST...find out what you can manage...

* have a go at some gently jogging, and see how long you can manage before you become tired/really want to stop.
* It may only be to the end of the street, or it may be a bit further/longer.


* take a note of how long it takes before you need to stop
* build your jogging programme around your current ability
* the objective it to extend the time/distance that you can cover without a break

Your programme will stitch together a combination of progressively longer jogging stints and progressively smaller walking/slow jogging recoveries until you can run continuously for between 30-45 minutes.

what that means in practice is:

* each jogging session is built up of three repeated parts of
* jog until you are tired, walk/slow jog for a couple of minutes until you feel recovered
* three sessions a week, always leaving a day's break between each running/jogging session

You will be very pleasantly surprised by how quickly your fitness increases, just as long as you get into the habit of running regularly

Variations on the programme are used during the beginners course.
Once you can run for 45 minutes you can build up your stamina by:

* practising your runs regularly
* joining in the various club sessions
* talking to one of our coaches to discuss what you would like to achieve next

You can take a look at a few sample programmes in a spreadsheet form by going to

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Press Release

Good news for women signing up for the Race for Life or the Great South. The friendly local women's running club, Southampton Running Sisters are holding their annual beginners course starting on Monday 20th April.

There is an interesting programme of guest speakers to accompany a carefully crafted schedule of gentle training runs designed to help get you fit enough to manage a 5k fun run at the end of the course. Its a chance for runners to get to know the club and for absolute beginners to get into the running habit - so much cheaper than gym membership!

Its all good fun, and this is the 15th year that the course has been held. There are experienced coaches plus plenty of already established runners from Running Sisters on hand to help get you up to speed. This year the course is based at Taunton's College and the training runs will mostly take place on Southampton Common.

"We have new runners of all ages, shapes and sizes join our course". says club chair Su White, who is also one of the coaches. "Our approach is really practical, giving down to earth advice and providing support from other runners who were themselves beginners a few year's ago. Our speakers cover topics like stretching, massage and physiotherapy, women's health, safe running, plus advice of diet, clothing and footwear. There is a fun run and celebratory supper at the end of the course, and miraculously we usually manage to get the weather to keep fine as well!"

Southampton Running Sisters Beginners' Course 2009 starts on Monday 20th April, 6.45pm, Taunton's College, Hill Lane, Southampton SO15 5RL. After the course runners can continue via the club's regular programme meeting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

You will find details of the beginners course, plus an application form on the special beginners course blog
For general information about Southampton Running Sisters see our website