Monday, 18 March 2013

Signed up? Itchy feet? here's something til April 10th

Often before the course begins runners are itching to get on their training shoes and head out for a few miles.  If that is the case with you, please do make sure you have visited a specialist running shop before you buy any running shoes. They will be able to measure you and advise you on the types of shoes most suitable for your foot type. 

You are usually advised to get shoes fitted in the afternoon since that is when your feet are a little larger - but do arrive at least an hour before the shop closes, you may find there are other people also wanting to be fitted and there is a bit of a queue. In Southampton centre you can visit Sweatshop, and there are also specialist shops in Eastleigh and Chandlers Ford. 

During the course we usually have a presentation on running shoes from Alexandra Sports - who are based near the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth. Although it is a long way to go, they are particularly helpful in fitting and choosing shoes, and you may find a visit worthwhile. However, your club membership card will entitle you to 10% discount from most local running shops, so you may want to hold on a while.  

If it is more a case of getting a little fitter from a standing start, then just adding daily walking into your routine may be a helpful start. That could be as simple as an extra half hour at the start and finish of the day, or walking for a journey you might otherwise use the car or take the bus.  

As far as turning up on the first day in concerned, then comfortable sports shoes and loose clothing suitable for exercise should be enough to start with, plan on wearing a T Shirt with 3/4 length bottoms for exercise and having something warmer to wear before and afterwards. A big mistake with new runners is to go out in too many clothes. However if you are feeling self conscious, a baggy T shirt and light jogging bottoms can be enough - be warned that cotton can quickly become clammy and uncomfortable!  Think about key pockets, or something for carrying your phone if you feel that is necessary.  

One thing you might like to buy yourself a sports bra. John Lewis carry a good range, and are helpful in that you can get your bra fitted - which may be a good idea. Alternatively you can buy bras from sports shops or online, that is really a personal decision which you need to make. Some ladies who need larger sizes choose to wear two bras including a sports bra, it really depends on you working out what is best for your own circumstances.  

I think I have covered the basics here. You can find detailed information about the location, dates and enrolment in other posts. If you do have friends who are interested, or can advertise the event to others, please feel free to copy the basic information and circulate it electronically. 

looking forward to meeting you on April 10th 

Su White, Southampton Running Sisters.

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